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Robert Covington 2020-2021 Outlook

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Please never use the word RoCoanity again. Thank you.

Our Lord will be traveling to Portland of Oregon. Assuming the Lord’s convoy does not encounter any marauders or perilous weather, the Lord should arrive in a fortnight.      

Thy Lord has always been generous in his bounty notwithstanding his place of domicile.  He delivered in Philly with abundance as he did in the wasteland called Minnesota.  He reached his peak of gener

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1 minute ago, Taipan said:

How did it come to pass that you drafted the Lord so late?

I picked roco in the 5th round couldent risk waiting any longer as I’m also punt assists and he’s a top 15 player for me in punt assist 

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In 5 leagues have I been gifted the Lord's presence. Truly blessed is he who experiences the Lord's bounty not once, but multiple times within this season of battle, where his bounteous gift shall make victors of us those who call themselves his disciples

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4 hours ago, brosephd said:

was he in a better situation last year on the fast pace rockets? kinda reached for him and passed up christian wood due to my build but trying to justify my pick based off those sweet gaudy stocks 

Yes I think he was the primary rim protector so his blks were up. Could see some slight regression 

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1 hour ago, thrilla1nManila said:

Yes I think he was the primary rim protector so his blks were up. Could see some slight regression 

I can also see a slight regression compared to last season. The rockets lineup and pace was ideal. I wanted him but passed. Ill prob want to trade for him as always midway through the season.

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He's the new mid-round Ariza, and Ariza never even got to Lord's potential in blocks.  

I can see a slight dip in scoring and there's going to be more single digit nights than with the Rockets or Wolves, but the Blazers still run a decently fast pace and his defense should keep him on the floor.  

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Nothing to worry about.

If this team is going anywhere .. RoCo will be a big part of it. 

Both in the regular season & NBA playoffs.

Minutes are locked in & just wait for the small-ball lineups , where he's manning the 5. 

His avenues to fantasy goodness is peachy. 

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