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Building a dream league: no goalies, unique category weighting, deep rosters, dynasty

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I've dabbled in hockey DFS over the years but have never gone full-season and I want to dive in this year. I've had success in creating a soccer fantasy, category-based league that personally I think is brilliant and a ton of fun and want to bring that to hockey. The key is of course finding owners who will dive in as well and I want to hear from you guys good ideas, bad ideas and if you are interested.

My ideas:

  1. --Category based league. Each matchup there are 10 wins up for grabs: 2 for goals, 2 for assists, then 1 each for hits, blocks, shots on goal, CORSI, takeaways and shutouts (for skaters). This kind of fantasy setup makes for a much more strategic game as way more and different players have value and you can re-jigger your team much easier to be competitive, but it still highly values those guys who get Goals and Assists.


  1. --Multiple matchups at once: I'm envisioning you play 2 week matchups (instead of the regular one-week) but playing double, triple or quintuple headers depending on how large the league is. So your dominant week in blocked shots isn't wasted facing the team who finished last in blocked shots.

  3. --Deep rosters: with so many scoring categories, there is depth and strategy everywhere so something like a 15-player starting lineup (3 C, 6 W, 6 D) and 5 man bench is my idea with as many owners as we can get who will be serious about it.


  1. --Dynasty and auction. Auction is much fairer than a draft and sets up for a dynasty league very well: salaries can be set and each year you keep a player you add $3 or $4 to that initial salary.
  3. --Minor league slots. This was a fun part of a past soccer league I did, but each team can have a few minor leaguers on their rosters.

How the scoring system values players:
Fantrax (where we would host the league) ranks players from last year based on the scoring system...I don't think they do it perfectly but they do it quite well. Here is what they ranked players last year

  1. David Pastrnak
  2. Auston Matthews
  3. Brad Marchand
  4. Nathan MacKinnon
  5. Roman Josi
  6. Sebastian Aho
  7. Max Pacioretty
  8. JT Miller
  9. Mark Stone
  10. Nikita Kucherov

other top D-men: John Carlson (17th overall), Alex Pietrangelo (24th), Victor Hedman (27th), Shea Theodore (29th), Neal Pionk (31st), Jaccob Slavin (38th), Jeff Petry (39th), Kris Letang (50th)

I was looking for big problems and maybe you guys can help me, do you see any big problems with this list?

Looking at MVP voting I see Leon Draisaitl, the league MVP, was ranked just 14th in Fantrax scoring. He had a terrible corsi, had just 1 shutout and low block and hit numbers. Connor McDavid, 5th in MVP voting was ranked 23rd in Fantrax for similar reasons. #3 in MVP voting: Artemi Panarin, ranked 11th in fantrax scoring. Not necessarily sure these are big problems with the fantasy scoring but you can tell me.

Let me know what you think of this idea and if you are interested in playing or have suggestions. I just want people who will care about their teams and the league to join and hope it will be fun!

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