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QB help! Cam, Tannehill, Winston?? WHIR

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Have Cam and Tannehill.

Like Cam's floor because of rush TD potential but his ceiling is capped due to low passing volume.

Tannehill was super efficient to start the season, again low pass volume, has not been good for 4 weeks and outside wk 14 (jax) has a tough schedule.

Winston is a complete wildcard but with the schedule next 3 weeks he could be a top 5 QB. Varying timelines for Brees return from 2 weeks to not until the playoffs. Winston is a  potential league winner or a complete dud. 

Currently 2nd at 7-3. Feel like I can chase upside. Leaning towards dropping Tannehill and picking up Winston. Thoughts?

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58 minutes ago, DeadlyKickers said:

@kaesr @marcadillo Why drop Cam over Tannehill?

Cam has finished as QB12, QB8 and QB11 the past three wks, whereas Tannehill finished 13th, 21st, 21st over that same span.

I think we are starting to see the effects of the Titans losing Lewan at LT combined with a tough schedule. 

Tannehill has been pretty bad over the past three weeks, but for the season he is still outscoring Cam by about 5 points a game. He also has three games over 30 points while Cam has one. Cam has also shown a lower floor, putting up negative points one week.

I don't think either guy is going to carry you to a fantasy title this year, but I'd still take Tannehill over Cam. But I'm not doing especially well this year, so I wouldn't listen to me either!

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