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Who to drop? Need to stream a TE. Also is Gaskins worth #1 Waiver? WHIR

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0.5 PPR 12 team league.

I have Engram but I don't want to drop him because of his volume on targets alone. I'd probably look to scoop up Tonyan or Higbee for the stream. Gaskins is also on the Waiver. Is he worth #1 claim?


QB: Russell Wilson

WR: Davante Adams, AJ Brown

RB: Joe Mixon, Kareem Hunt

TE: Evan Engram

Flex: Tee Higgins

BN: Allen Lazard, Gio Bernard, Devin Singletary, JK Dobbins, Zack Moss, L'amical Perine

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I'd probably drop Perine. Jets are just awful. Only guy worth rostering on that team is Crowder. If you feel you must hang onto him, then you could safely drop Dobbins or Singletary. Dobbins only seems to have value when Ingram is out. With all 3 backs playing they cancel each other out so, no real value there. Tough because there was such high hopes for him but, perhaps it won't come until next year. Thanks for the help on mine.

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I'd drop Dobbins. His role and performance where only so so and that's while Ingram was out. I don't love the TE's on n the wire though and suppose I would start Engram over them anyway.


The Gaskin is a hard call. I can see you need a little depth at running back- but an injured guy who may not start if and when he returns to me isn't worth #1

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Drop Dobbins now that Ingram us back and take Higbee.  As for picking up Gaskins, I’d do it.  When he comes back from IR, he’ll be the man in Miami again.

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drop dobbins, i've held him all season and it's been a waste of time. I think next year will be his year tho. For TE i would just take a dart throw on tonyan and hope he gets lucky. and yes, Gaskin is worth the #1 waiver especially in a 12 teamer.

return the favor?


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