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Gibson/Higgins for Sanders?

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Trade deadline in my league is tomorrow, so trying to see if I can make one final move. Would Gibson + T.Higgins be enough for M.Sanders? Looking to package Gibson to either upgrade at WR or RB. Might have a shot at Sanders, so figured I might throw this out there. With McLaurin, Thomas and Golladay, figure I could afford to part with Higgins and with McKissic involved so much in Wash and them always playing from behind, worried about the inconsistency of Gibson heading into the playoffs and figured now is a good time to sell on him coming off a big week. Sanders owner is on the outside looking in of the playoffs. He could use help at WR with only A.Robinson (bye), M.Jones (Q) and J.Meyers. Thoughts?

Half-PPR ESPN 10 Team Redraft

QB - B.Roethlisberger
RB - D.Cook, J.Jacobs
WR - M.Thomas, T.McLaurin
TE - D.Goedert
Flex - A.Gibson
D/ST - Mia
K - W.Lutz
Bench - K.Golladay, T.Higgins, J.Crowder, S.Ahmed, A.Mattison, E.Engram
IR - G.Kittle

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Given your depth I would lean towards doing this deal, and yes Higgins+Gibson should absolutely be enough to land Sanders (might even be overpaying a bit, given Sanders' health, the Eagles' offensive line woes, and how badly Wentz is playing).  But if you can cuff Scott to him it should be worth it.


Good luck.

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eh I think not. Higgins is very good and consistent, and Sanders is injury prone and plays for a shotty offense

Personally I'd hold. That's just me though. Obviously handcuffing sanders with Scott is the correct move


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I would do this.  Yes, injuries are a concern, but Sanders is the focal point of the Eagles' offense when he's healthy and I like his schedule the rest of the way.  


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