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I have another owner looking at getting Ronald Jones II away from me.  What is a fair price to ask in return?

QB - Herbert
RB - Sanders, CEH, RoJo II, Kelley, Davis, Edwards
WR - Golladay, AJ Brown, Patrick, Beasley, Aiyuk, Shenault
TE - Waller, Andrews

QB - Watson, Brees
RB - Elliott, Bernard, J. Jackson, Penny, Coleman
WR - Evans, Chark, Lockett, Samuel, Slayton, Meyers
TE - Tonyan, Higbee

WHIR - Leave Link

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I agree, I would try for Lockett. You could use help at WR and that's really all he has to offer you. I'd target Lockett then Evans then Chark in that order, though I would really make an effort to try to acquire Lockett. Rojo alone probably won't get it done, so may be RoJo plus Aiyuk? Thanks for the help on mine.

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I tried RoJo for Lockett or Evans.  He said no dice unless I throw in AJ Brown.  Otherwise he said he’s give me Curtis Samuel.  SMH.

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