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Start Damien Harris or Ronald Jones? WHIR

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1 hour ago, Rush2112 said:

Jones easily. He's having the better season. And Rams defense is garbage! Never draft, own, or pickup any cheaters RB's 

As to the last generalization, which keeps getting volunteered: had you picked up and played Harris or Burkhead, your weeks 8 and 9 would have been considerably better than with Jones.  True, who can tell with NE -- or with SF, or LAR, or IND -- but maybe this isn't all that helpful. 

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I'm going Harris. Better matchup and while yes, NE RBs are typically hard to predict, they seem to be pretty consistent in relying on Harris as the early down back recently. He won't catch any passes, but, they seem committed to feeding him the ball early and against Hou he should get the ball plenty. RoJo has a tough match up and prior to last week he had 3 subpar performances. I'd roll with Harris this week.


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I think Harris has a greater range (lower floor, but higher ceiling).  Jones ain't going to rip off another 98 yard run, I predict a tough game script for him -- but he'll have more touches and a safer floor.  So if you're an underdog this week, Harris.  If you'd be happy (or at least satisfied) w/ a safe 10 pts, roll Jones

Help w/ mine? 


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