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Brandon Ingram 2020-2021 Outlook

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I think the impact of Jrue leaving has been undersold. This offense runs through BI and Zion, he touches the ball pretty much every single possession. Wouldn't be surprised if he is a consensus 2nd ro

in the 21 games alongside Zion Williamson, he dropped to eighth-round status, so it could be tough for him to recapture the stats from his pre-Zion run last season. Still, he should be a safe bet for

It is worth mentioning that he dipped down into the 70's once Williamson made his debut in late January. But I like his outlook anyways

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This is just a horrible matchup for Ingram, both Kawhi and PG are just way better then him on both ends and Beverly can bother him. Ingram isn't at that level yet but will get his numbers on non contending teams. 

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Just now, affliction said:

Pels offense has no ball movement. Ingram has to work a lot for his looks. 

Whoever is running this team should be fired. Your best players are zion and ingram and you dont surround them with shooters??? They have one maybe two shooters on the entire roster, a washed up JJ and an unproven NAW. How the heck is Steven Adams gonna fit in a lineup with Zion and BI? And you start Lonzo and Bledsoe together? Theyre pretty much the same player. Impressive to have two all star caliber players and have this bad of a team

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He started the game on probably the greatest shooting stretch of his life. 6 made shots in a row including 4 threes and then gets subbed with 3 minutes left in the first quarter while hes red hot because svg is obsessed with his dog **** rotations. Keeps him on the bench for atleast 20 minutes till hes completely cooled off and does almost nothing the rest of the game. Svg ruined what could have been a monster night for him. This team is really really bad for the talent that they have

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14 minutes ago, lethotjames23 said:

i thought SVG was extremely smart based on things he said on broadcasts and podcasts. i don't understand how he's doing such a terrible job.


its an awfully constructed roster around a guy who NEEDS space. BI too but zion especially. 


He's actually challenging walton for worst coach in the league right now. Let the Jazz go on an 18-2 run when the game was close and didn't call timeout.

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