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Kelly Oubre 2020-2021 Outlook

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I'm actually looking forward to Marcus Smart playing at 5:00 EST so he can bring my FG% back up.

Timeline of when I drafted him to now.

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Swavy papi will be just fine. 

Lock for Top50, ceiling around 30-35.

Wiggins half the time is passive af .

Oubre definitely has the green light to fire at will. 

Just an off night for the Warriors.

Playing with a future HOFer & arguably the best shooter ever will do wonders for this kid.

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On 12/22/2020 at 8:24 PM, sharkpotato said:

He missed some WIDE open looks. Just an off night. Stocks are encouraging though so I hope he keeps it up.


Yeah, I just felt bad for Steph being triple-teamed, seeing Wiggins and Oubre WIIIIIIIDE open, and being forced to pass to them.  I imagine that, in those split-second moments, Steph sees Klay's injury flashback in his mind.  I wonder if there's a stat that counts how many times you pass to someone who misses, cause Steph probably would go bananas there.

Oubre did have some nice moments and dunks, but dude really needs to shoot more like he did last year.  Ya know, instead of how he's shot throughout his career otherwise.

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