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Bradley Beal 2020-2021 Outlook

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Tyler Herro for Beal lol. Herro is probably one of the most overrated players in the NBA right now. 

If you recall Rotoworld's writers -- the "top" analysts, not just the blurb writers -- were advocating selling Beal all year long due to shut-down fears. Everyone in the fantasy community has the same

ehhh not cool to joke bout tht stuff these days tbh. actually probably never was

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8 minutes ago, bealforthewin said:

well every super star has his off nights 🤷‍♀️

Yeah it happens. Atleast he did some damage in other areas.

3 steals were nice. With the 1 turnover why not

We’ll take it.

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1 hour ago, kane said:

Rest for what?for trade or tank?


exactly what all those postponed games were never going to be a good thing. def did not mean he was gonna have heaps of big 5 game weeks, means hes just gonna rest more and miss more games now... erghhhhh

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7 minutes ago, fabrar said:

This guy is absolutely unstoppable. Putting on a scoring clinic every night. The array of moves he has is endless.

**** that they lost like that, but I hope they can reward him by making the damn playoff

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just soreness...but i dont like the chances with the B2b - best case 1 game hell play. this is why the ASG can neverrr help fantasy! up against the league leader and i copped a curry rest before it and now this with beal

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Terribly worried about Beal , no stocks & 3’s lately .. as mentioned above.

That can correct itself ... & hopefully soon.

But the Wizards out of playoff contention, and continuing to spiral into a heap of trash.

Afraid rest days, and phantom injuries will start popping up. 

Definitely not a rosy picture .. few weeks before fantasy playoffs.

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12 minutes ago, DoctorLove said:

Just went to the locker room. Anybody see what happened? Serious? Just traded for this dude.

dude fell on his hip. currently sitting on the bench. now rule out for the night

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