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Bradley Beal 2020-2021 Outlook

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Tyler Herro for Beal lol. Herro is probably one of the most overrated players in the NBA right now. 

If you recall Rotoworld's writers -- the "top" analysts, not just the blurb writers -- were advocating selling Beal all year long due to shut-down fears. Everyone in the fantasy community has the same

ehhh not cool to joke bout tht stuff these days tbh. actually probably never was

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Washington is right back in the race for the play-in tourney. Bulls lose Lavine for several games and the Raps seem like they're doing their best NOT to get in with resting their core guys. Wiz also have the easiest ROS sched. With how much of a **** show they've been as an organization, Beal and the team must be thrilled at the opportunity to get a taste of some playoff action. Maybe he won't a real shutdown candidate after all? We shall see.

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11 minutes ago, lethotjames23 said:

he's become demar derozan. this is ridiculous

Lol Demar averages like 7 assists and less than 2 TOs, at least he's got that to make up for the lack of 3s

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Out for two games. I might have to drop him. He'll be reevaluated Friday. Hamstrings are tricky. I wouldn't be surprised if he sits until the play in game. He may come back if they're on the verge of missing out, but I don't think they will.

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