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LaMelo Ball 2020-2021 Outlook

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Would be amazing if he plays both games, but if he’s only active for one I hope it’s Sunday so I can continue stashing and squeeze in one more stream tmrw.  Although, shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  Gotta be happy with this news either way.  

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1 minute ago, sharkpotato said:

Is it possible he plays the back to back?

Don't see why he wouldn't his conditioning should be top notch and they need him 

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9 hours ago, thrilla1nManila said:

i need news now. since if have to activate a day in advance..

Borrego said they won’t announce until just before game. Lucky it’s the first game of the day. Only issue if he’s worth activating or wait and see and maybe play the second. He said they’ll for sure be slowly bringing him and monk easing them back in with short stints and limited mins. So I’m a bit torn if to risk it and hope 15-20mins will be worth it

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I think he will play the b2b and minutes should be in the mid 20s. It's not a lower body injury and he should have had no issues with his conditioning 

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He's awesome. Also, I know the Hornets' announcers get a bad rep. But they are such homers that they are absolutely hilarious. I love watching them and laugh soo much every time. 

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Juicy line in limited minutes after a long injury. Kid is straight up a baller. Going 3rd round at the latest next year, I'd say 

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Posted (edited)

yep thatll do nicely. surely the only reason he wouldnt play tomorrow is if he pulls up sore. hoping he backs it up and carries me into the final 

sounds like no rest is on the horizon
“To me, I think he is clearly the rookie of the year” said coach James Borrego. “And I think he will prove that over these next 10 games as well"

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