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Fred VanVleet 2020-2021 Outlook

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FVV going back to college averaged 1.86 steals when given 30+ min. In his NBA career up to date, it depends comparing '17 and '18, it seems the outlier was in '18 where he only averaged 0.9 in 27.5 mp

Per 36 stls for FVV 16-17: 2.0 17-18: 1.6 18-19: 1.2 19-20: 1.9 Idk seems normal    

If Robert Covington is a Lord, how is Fredderick Edmund VanVleet not aristocracy?

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1 for 7 FG and 0 for 3 on 3ptr's thru 3 qtrs. everybody else on the team is shooting a lot. Lowry 12 FGA, Anunoby 12 FGA,  Siakam 16 FGA, Boucher 11 FGA, Powell 8 FGA. 

Fred must be hardly touching the ball.

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Just curious, but have you guys ever noticed that FVV has his worst games early in the week and then rounds into form as the week progresses?

Really not a fan of these trash games either way, esp from my R3 guy, but it's interesting to see that, with the exception of 1/4, he always seems to start off his first game of the week really badly.  I'll take off my tinfoil hat now.

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8 hours ago, BykeINIT said:

if we’re being 100% honest, his stats are actually on par with last season ..


perhaps we all got a bit overzealous thinkin he would improve on what he did last season 

I mean, he finished at a 3rd round value last season in 9-cat. That's where he was drafted this season, and I'm not sure where people thought he would grow. This is who he is. His shot selection is terrible so his fg% will always be a drain but as long as he keeps giving you those guard stats it's all gravy. 

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He's probably one of the most inconsistent scorers amongst all the high scoring guards in the league (similar to Jamal Murray and Kemba) so that's something you have to anticipate for when you roll him out in your lineups. Like he'll really bottom out when his shots not going in, but at least he'll be able to salvage that with his assists and steals.

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have no issues with the fg% and the occasionally single digit points games. thats who he is and thats fine and to be expected.

i want the steals numbers from last year and he finally "exploded" in a game. now lets see if he can bump up the 1.3 avg.

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11 hours ago, PaddyAustralia said:

Is everyone done whinging about his steals? mans a monster in real life and in fantasy and deserves every bit of the contract he earned in the offseason.

Bet on yourself baby!


no.. but i will stop when he gets to his last year avg. promise ✌️

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