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Andre Drummond 2020-2021 Outlook

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10 hours ago, DezedandConfused said:


To be fair, Lakers (and their fans) are pretty optimistic in general lol.

Still, I suppose that's good news, although I was honestly hoping he'd get a worse diagnosis and I could just stash him back on my IL where he belongs.

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This is the story of how Jarrett Allen ended up in Cleveland.

Pick yo team and get your well rested a$$ suited up already.  Big Baby II. 

We know, and we are just hoping he isn’t sitting on his fatass at home practicing steals with twinkies in the frig when his wife aint looking. 

13 hours ago, JohnnyTsunami said:

he just got dropped in my league, so tempted to grab him...😅

Eh, that'd probably be a good idea, unless you're desperate for wins or are in like, a 6-team league.

Drummond might not be popping off monster stat lines for a while, but he seems more D2D and the Lakers desperately need a starting C.  

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Out again today.  With the Lakers only playing 3 games this week, he might as well take the week off.  Ugh, I regret drafting so many players in multiple leagues, and this guy is definitely one of them, considering he's been out for months and also out during the time I need him the most.

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12 hours ago, JohnnyTsunami said:

I’m keeping him in my IR tonight, I need vintage Drummond lines for my next matchup

You might wait for Andre, but Andre aint waiting for you. He will tank I mean help us win all of our teams before we even know it.

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On 5/3/2021 at 12:14 PM, taenggg said:

I remember someone here trying to convince us Drummond was actually a good player 😂

Yeah, I was just about to quote him and watch him try to defend Drummond now.  

Fighting for my playoff life (my POs end next week) and I had imagined feeling sorta bad at dropping my R2 pick for someone like TT.  But surprisingly (or not), it felt more cathartic, like a surgeon removing a tumor, or taking out a bag of trash.  Symbolic, I guess.

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