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11-22-20 Falcons @ Saints Gameday Thread

The 7th Beatles

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Just now, Fantasy Gooroo said:

Kamara and Thomas need to go get Stick Em immediately. Drive killers. In positive news, Jameis would have likely fumbled his third pick into the hands of a Falcon defender. 

Thomas's drop was bad. that last one was all on hill though. Kamara was standing 3 yards from him for the screen and Hill fireballed it at him. Get out of here with that "drive killers" stuff on that one. 

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I don't understand this playcalling.  They basically tossed out what worked with Brees (short passes) and Kamara being 3 down threat, and rarely throwing downfield because Brees arm, like his ribs, is shot.  Now they have a guy who can go more downfield and looked decently accurate so far down there, and ditched all the stuff that worked with Brees.  They have Murray in on 1st and 2nd, and the short passes keep coming on 3rd and long.  Hill looks decent throwing in pocket.  Looks bad throwing on the run.

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