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Serge Ibaka 2020-2021 Outlook

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5 hours ago, Brandayz said:

Is he so bad ?? Just got dropped in my 10 teamer

Welp in a 10 teamer there’s easily 10 better starting Centers for fantasy and 10 better PF’s so yeah he’s not a must hold in shallow leagues. 

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Thing with Ibaka is, Clippers do a line up of switch everything.


That is why Morris and Batum get minutes at C. They are better playmakers and shooters than Ibaka as well. I was concerned with Ibaka after picking up expecting alot of minutes since they played the Cavs. Ibaka doesnt get enough minutes. Not a bad guy in 12 team roster. But 10 team, definitely a streamer.

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He's gotta be one of my bigger disappointments this season after coming from a solid season with the Raptors. Being the starting C for the Clippers I expected at least what he gave last season if not better. He may break out the last end of the season but watching Clippers games it ain't looking good especially with Zubac/Morris healthy. I parted ways and I hope I'm wrong but wouldn't be that mad if I am. 

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Has there been any type of news or anything as to when he may return?

I haven't seen any...

I am in a 14 team league where he is somewhat valuable when he plays, but losing him daily like this, well...it's been frustrating. 

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