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DeAndre Ayton 2020-2021 Outlook


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Just now, Supersonics said:

7 shot attempts with Booker out? You gotta be kidding me 

Was gonna say the same thing. I’m sure we’ve all been happy with his numbers as of late but don’t be fooled, they don’t play through him at all. They never dump the ball to him for post ups, he gets a lot of points off of offensive rebounds, that’s why the % are so good, because of put backs or early rim runs. He is extremely active all the time setting screens and rolling, but they almost always swing the ball to one of the 3 point shooters. 

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The lack of looks this season and the poor fg% today are concerning, but what really concerns me (and has most of the season) is the complete disappointment he's been in terms of blocks.  I was really hoping he'd be inching closer to 2 this year, and so far he's actually regressed from last season.

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We can blame Paul and all the chuckers on that team all we want, but the bottom line is Ayton’s a sheep.  He doesn’t have that dawg mentality that say I’m gonna take at least 15-20 shots a game and do something with the goddamn ball when he gets it.  I’ve seen so many games where he gets the ball and does absolutely nothing but look to pass it.

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