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8 hours ago, JDE said:

Two matchups still in contention:

First one I’m up by 9.8 points with my Brady and TB D/ST going up against Ronald Jones and Josh Reynolds.

Second one I’m down by 22.05 with just my Robert Woods and Rams D/ST left to go. Don’t feel too great about this one, pretty much need a huge game from Woods and/or the Rams defense to get me a score to take the W

can’t believe I hit these both, Robert Woods single handedly with the bailout

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I'm pretty much eliminated in 1 of my leagues if I don't win.   I'm down 28 points (PPR) and have Kupp and Godwin tonight. 

#1. I have a 119.2 lead in a 1pt PPR. He has Brady, Gronk, RoJo, Succop & TB D/ST to go. #2. I have a 12.08 lead in a .5pt PPR. He has Godwin & Gronk and I have Brady. #3. I have an

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