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Start-Up Salary Cap Dynasty League Needs Managers! (Fantrax)

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Looking to put together a 10-team salary-cap dynasty to start with the 2020-21 season. Details below. If interested, reply with your email address.

Full details/constitution here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jso9XbGFkBhXM_TgKpEC9nuhHgv5NHrV3nIobJxxRf8/edit?usp=sharing

League would be on Fantrax, daily lineups.

$30 entry fee per owner each year, plus a yearly $TBD "deposit" that would go towards Fantrax Premium features
- $210 for 1st
- $60 for 2nd
- $30 (entry fee returned) for 3rd

15 active roster spots plus 2 IR slots [will be 5 slots for at least 2020-21 season due to COVID] [4 G-League slots beginning in 2021-22]
- 10-Man Lineup: 1 C, 1 PG, 1 PF, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 SF/SG, 1 PF/PG, 3 UTILs

Two 5-team divisions, 6-team playoffs with division winners earning first-round byes

Initial Live Auction targeted for Sun. Dec. 13 at 3 pm ET/12 PT (but this is flexible, so long as we get it done before the Dec. 22 startup)
- $250 salary cap annually (IR slots [and G-League starting in 21-22] count towards the cap!)

- Normal auction draft but the catch is that the winning bid becomes that player's salary
- Following this first draft, each owner must hand out: One 4-year deal, Two 3-year deals, Four 2-year deals, Eight 1-year deals. These limits on the number of 1-4 year deals are for the inaugural draft only.

Waiver Wire/Free Agency
- FAAB Format: Each team has $100 of money to spend per season
- Players earned through WW/FA will only count towards your WW funding, not your salary cap. These players won't be extension-eligible, however, and will become restricted free agents at end of season

Releasing players -- The contract price for the current season is eaten in full and 3/4ths for each year of the remaining seasons. Can release in offseason for 50% of each of the remaining years. Can also use a "cap provision" to payout remaining years of deal. Only way to get out of a contract and earn forgiveness on the deal is retirement via injury.

Extensions: Players whose contracts have expired can extend a player for $10 more up to three years (ex: Karl-Anthony Towns with extension: $38 in 2020-21, $38 in 2021-22, $48 in 2022-23)
Renegotiations: Players who are entering their last year of a deal can be re-negotiated for a $5 increase for the upcoming season and up to two additional years (ex: Karl-Anthony Towns with renegotiation: $38 in 2020-21, $43 in 2021-22, $43 in 2022-23)

- Owners can only make trades if the salary going both ways allows both teams to stay under the cap.
- Draft picks can also be included in ANY trade for up to the next 3 drafts.
- Picks can be protected, condition-based, etc.
- Owners can offer to pay a portion of a player's contract for a number of years to get something like a better player or draft pick
- Sign-and-trades allowed during offseason

Rookie Draft:
- 4 rounds
- Non-playoff teams eligible for draft lottery for No. 1 overall pick. Playoff teams ordered by finish. Rounds 2-4 will be standard from worst to best record.

Restricted FA:
- Each owner will be given one week — and just ONE opportunity — to offer sheets on RFA players via a Google Forms
- The original owner will then have three days following RFA to decide to match the highest bid or decline player

Unrestricted FA:
Standard live auction like the inaugural auction for players whose deals have expired

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23 minutes ago, sampresti37 said:

Good evening! Very interested here and would appreciate an invite! Constitution looks well thought-out


For scoring I'd prefer H2H Points but 9CAT is cool too

Yep, H2H Points is the format. Sent!

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