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Marvin Bagley III 2020-2021 Outlook

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52 minutes ago, portugeek said:

Any news on how long he'll be out? I'm guessing rest of the season considering they haven't released anything yet

Reevaluated in 4 weeks

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One of the more difficult things to do in fantasy is be the loser in trading out Bagley, but somehow you’ve managed to do just that.

That's like saying "if Harden can stay out of strip clubs"

🎶 Come and listen to my story bout a man named Luke Poor son of Bill, seems his coaching style's a fluke And then one day he was shootin at some hoops And up from the ground came a

Wondering if it's even worth holding him on IR in deep leagues if you've got a spot open... four weeks from now puts you into the championship week in most leagues, maybe the semifinals. 

Anyone else holding?

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On 1/7/2021 at 12:37 PM, SportsBrain said:


I think the main issue here is you are basing this off a very small sample this year(and quite frankly last year's 13 game sample isn't big enough either).  Take a look at his larger sample rookie year- FG% was 50, 1.5 stocks total, and I'm going not to address assists because that is irrelevant for a center especially one you took pick 100+ as you can't expect that.  


No offense, to me it seems you are just defending your drop here- and if your signature is accurate and your main 3 centers are Plumlee, R. WIlliams, Poeltl.. you certainly dropped the wrong player. 


Falconish said:

I mean, inconsistency, poor fg, lack of stocks and assists for one. Again, if he can put it together and proves me wrong then great - you live and you learn.

Looks like I was right.

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Bagley is traveling with the Kings this week as it's been four weeks since breaking his hand, and is presumably relatively close to playing again soon.  How do you guys see his ROS trajectory on a plummeting Kings team?

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, fabrar said:

Nice game tonight. We buying in?

I did at this point he's the only big available (with some upside). Could string a nice few games this week with fox out

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9 hours ago, fabrar said:

Nice game tonight. We buying in?

I did too. Schedule is solid for the week, and I don't think Sac have given up on the play-ins yet.

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