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LeBron James 2020-2021 Outlook

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On 4/20/2021 at 5:59 AM, Raiden said:

Long time lurker, first time poster. Had to make an account because I can’t believe nothing has been said. Been checking these forums for hours.


Lebron apparently ‘weeks’ away from returning per ESPN. Where does this leave everyone in terms of fantasy playoffs next week and beyond?

For teams rostering LeBron, it should not be end of the playoffs. If your team made the playoffs, it means that your roster is fairly good. It is obvious that LeBron's stats cannot be replaced but if your team has fared well in the last couple of weeks with good FA adds since he's been out, do the same in the playoffs and hope to advance. There are many factors that impact weekly matchups for both teams facing off, like load mgmt, injuries, hot pickups, # scheduled games, players opponents, etc.

I have 4 moves per week and plan to be very careful when playoffs start next week by leaving 1-2 moves until the latter part of the week in case an owner desperate to advance is forced to stream and drops a very good player. I just hope that isn't me lol

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Nothing worse than seeing you #1 pick’s thread at the top of the forum’s front page. 

He should probably take games off. That one season where he took a week off in CLE helped him tremendously, but I do think Lebron pushes to play a lot because he feels like it's his obligation to the

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41 minutes ago, RedDogNamedClippers said:

Is this related to his outlook?

it will be relevant .... in 20 yrs from now .... when someone posts that a player is overrated and LBJ was a lot better

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Imo, for fantasy purposes, if you don't have an IR spot available he is a drop.

I am really curious how this setbacks affects real life playoffs.

It's quite possible that Lakers will be in the play in tournament.  That is a huge surprise to me (despite LBJ and AD) injuries considering all the new additions they had before and during the season.


Maybe McGee and Rondo were more important than we thought 😉



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