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Lonzo Ball 2020-2021 Outlook

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12 minutes ago, lethotjames23 said:

lmao you guys are really dropping him? absolute smoothbrains unless youre in like a 6 team league

Dropping would be a complete overreaction. No way in hell I’m doing that. But SVG better come to his senses and try to utilize him in the best way possible.

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hes a walking triple single.

Really liking what I've been seeing recently. (stats include tonight's game)

i think he can be a part of this team, its just that SVG is too old school to realize where he fits in and how better they could be with bledsoe off the bench...and yeah, they tried extending him but

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Just now, sharkpotato said:

Dropping would be a complete overreaction. No way in hell I’m doing that. But SVG better come to his senses and try to utilize him in the best way possible.


people seriously only overreact when he has a bad shooting night on here lol. when he has a good line there's not a peep.


he definitely hasn't been as good as he can be yet but we're so ******** early. relax everyone.

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8 hours ago, sharkpotato said:
Does anybody else think this is moronic? I'm pretty sure that Lonzo would be more effective with the ball in his hands. 


4 hours ago, affliction said:

I pretty much said this earlier. He is more effective with the ball but the offense runs through Ingram and Zion. The team lacks shooters so they are forcing Lonzo to be something he isn’t. 


Yeah, I think the difference between Lonzo and Lamelo is the latter is being allowed to do whatever he wants, and it works perfectly with his game style.  Rozier and Graham seem fine playing off him or at least staggering ball handling capabilities (and it's not like anyone else on the Hornets will dominate the ball, other than Hayward).  Lonzo's got a much more rigid coach in SVG who - as y'all have said - is playing Lonzo as a shooter, which he simply isn't.  Dude is a passer, so much so that he has half a dozen Shaqtin moments where he'll pass up open layups to turn over the ball.  It also doesn't help that Ingram and Zion are so much more dominant with post ups and pull ups.

Just watch their games; Lamelo leads fast breaks and looks to attack the rim or dish off to open teammates, while Lonzo passes it to Ingram, does an Iverson cut, and then just stands at the 3point line in case the latter wants to look his way.  It's certainly a difference in playstyle and aggressiveness, but I definitely agree Lonzo isn't being utilized very well.

My personal solution would be to take Bled out of the starting lineup and start Reddick at SG.  Lonzo gets more control of the ball and the spacing with the starters is alleviated (given Bled, Zion, and Adams aren't exactly snipers).  Bled leads the bench guys, and as long as SVG staggers some of his frontcourt's minutes, Bled can play alongside Lonzo (at SG) for a few minutes.

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Geez, did he get that jumping out of bed on Monday?  Didn't even play and he (and Bled) get hurt.  What an amazing fantasy season so far.

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On 1/8/2021 at 9:59 PM, affliction said:

He plays way too passive. Lamelo already has more confidence than him in  7 games. As a Pels fan I was hoping the green light would come on this year because he showed an improvement in his jumper,but at this point I’d rather see NAW get minutes. He is who he is 

Well NAW got minutes and balled out. Zo could hit the bench. 

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This guy needs shooters on the floor, Zo bledsoe ingram zion adams is a disaster for floor spacing. I am really hoping for changes because he’s gonna be a RFA, so its a contract year for him. 

or trade him if you dont plan on paying him soon. 

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