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John Collins 2020-2021 Outlook

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he has a jumpshot most big men in the league only dream of plus hes an awesome rim runner, literally two things that make him unstoppable on the offensive end of the floor if he has a capable point gu

whats the formula? to play KAT-less Timberwolves 72 times in a season?

F Hunter and Reddish. Give this man more shots!!!

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5 minutes ago, FantasyBallFan said:

He has been in foul trouble every game this year. He would have at least 3 more minutes played in this game had he not picked up that 2nd foul.

Exactly, cam reddish got taken out when he got his 2nd foul as well.  

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Gallo reinjured, so that might contribute to the mins. But I think that says more about Gallo’s fickle availability and durability and only serves to comfort me a little 😂

Collins also has more FGA than anyone on the team, including Trae atm.

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Even when capela was on the court Collins and Trae pick and roll alley oops we’re many so yeah not sure why people keep saying his fg% was gonna take a big hit.  I’ll take a i there 3 a game and a slight hit but this dude is an animal.  Top 10 if your punt assist 

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First time owner here (he dropped so bad in my draft).

A few thoughts

1. I thought Collins was bigger. Sometimes I get mixed up trying to locate him on the court as the Hawks all look the same size besides Trae lol.

2. Looks like a really good efficient shooter. Never knew his 3-point stroke was that smooth.

3. He did float around the 3-point line last night. Not sure if that was the game plan vs the Nets or just the flow.

4. Capela has no low post ability besides being a rim runner. He got the ball on the block last night and he tried some triple pump left hand hook shot that missed everything

4. I think we can see his true ability given the mins. Foul trouble for the first few games of the year and he got 2 again in the 1st qtr of the game. 

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20p,8rbs,blk on 9/14 in 25 minutes

just stop fouling and play 30mins = you’re an all star

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