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Texans @ Lions Thanksgiving Day Thread

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ESPN just changed it so you can start him in your WR slot next week.

Stafford on passes longer than 20 yards.

Happy Thanksgiving guys  

Time to once again petition to remove the Lions from a locked in game here.   And while we're at it, Cowboys too.  Sure they're popular but I live in NY and I get the Cowboys probably 10 times a year at least, that's plenty.   

At the very least, make em win to keep it.  Lose, and the victor takes the home game from you for the next season, and you're back in the rotation like everyone else.  

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3 minutes ago, Sternes said:

Ahhhhh, just like the fun beatdown the Titans gave us a decade ago.  47-10?  47-14?  It was bad.  We didn't even bother tackling Chris Johnson.


I remember this well and how excited I was to start Johnson in that smash spot.  Pretty sure he broke a long one early and I just smiled and enjoyed a stress free dinner after that.

Lol. i went back and looked- Johnson had 2 TD's in the first 7 minutes, probably had 20 points by then: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200811270det.htm

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Just now, TTo34 said:

He's been with the Lions like what, 3 weeks?  And he already has multiple TD celebrations with the team?  Priorities have been established.

Well the celebration was with Marvin Jones and they were teammates back in cincy

but yea wtf already? Lol

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