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Kristaps Porzingis 2020-2021 Outlook

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Aandddd I did 

Out for tonight. Soft a** fluffy unicorn. Luka is sitting as well on this B2B. Jesus Christ you guys just came off ASB ... 

Funny how I said I was gonna pass on him and then I ended up taking him...

No one knows whether he'll miss B2Bs (maybe early on) but if he does at least you know he'll give you borderline first round value whenever he plays.

It's like picking Kawhi - except you're using a 5th-7th round pick on him and not a 2nd round pick. Come to think of it, that ROI's pretty sweet.

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1 hour ago, rebol2n said:

Got him on 4th round. Most of dallas's b2b is in January, probably before he comes back. When he was healthy, he was borderline first round value. High Risk High reward.

Well worth it imo. I’m surprised people are saying that Porzingis is sometimes lasting til 70s or later, especially in IR leagues

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1 hour ago, Quazza said:

My bum a** squad needs him back. 




Lmaooo , same here brodie.

My bigs this year are a complete hoax.

Need Zinger back asap for my sake & the Mavs.

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On 12/30/2020 at 10:40 PM, dragonballz said:

Dallas needs him back. Its like Doncic and scrubs out there with Doncic even out of shape lol.

The broadcast today just mentioned that he might come back in 2 weeks, nothing sure though. 



2 weeks from 12/30 brings us to 1/13/21. So 1/11 @ home vs Pels or 1/13 @ Hornets as possibilities.


Ayton owner here counting down the days.

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If you can get KP in the 5th round or later, I think he's worth the risk. He should be back in a week or two and should be playing starters minutes by February. He's always an injury risk, but again, getting him in the 5th round makes the most sense as his upside can give you early 2nd round value. There are absolutely no 20 and 10 guys out there in the 5th round of drafts. If he goes down with an injury, you're still in the game because you have your top 4 picks left. I don't like KP anywhere in the first 4 rounds, but you should feel confident in the upside if you see him out there in round 5. 

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Love watching this guy play. Only player that I cant be rational about 🥰

In my auction draft ($200 budget) I got him for $22. Considering that Christian Wood went for $21, I really hope hope KP stays healthy and I don't regret buying him. Lets go PorGenghis Khan!

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