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Dejounte Murray 2020-2021 Outlook

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3 minutes ago, brooklynfinest42 said:

didn't look that bad.. went up to block KP shot landed on his foot..  he was putting weight on it though walking to the locker room



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8 minutes ago, bballmaster said:

Who is the pick up?

Patty if he's not already being streamed. Other than him, Dejounte's ball handling role will probably distributed among Demar, Lonnie and of course Patty.

I don't think it swings to any one particular player. More balanced redistribution of usage.

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6 hours ago, lethotjames23 said:


says the guy with a shirtless dk metcalf in his avatar 👴

I also have that picture on my bedroom ceiling so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. 

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Correlation doesn't equal causation, but it's interesting to see the steals return to normal with White's return. Havent watched any of the games to see whether Whites ability to handle the ball has allowed dejounte to increase his energy expenditure on the defensive end. Thoughts?

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Holy hell this guy just had the best game of his career. 27/10/4 with 8 steals on 10-19 shooting and just hit a 3pt dagger over Wiggins with the shot clock expiring and 10 seconds left. 

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