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WHIR- Who's my flex: L Murray, J White, Goedert, Reagor, Edmonds


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Rest of my lineup this week

PPR 12 team, in 1st place, playing 2nd place this week. a win will all but clinch a 1st rd bye for me. 

QB: Carr

RB: Kamara, AJones

WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Robinson

TE: Waller

D/K : Washington (already played)/Sanders

Flex: ???


Right now, I have White, since Burkhead is done for the season. Harris and Michel simply do not catch passes, so that seems like it's solely White's role. That said, Bill will often Belichick, so who knows? 


Latavius, I'm wondering if he has a big game since the Saints probably build a lead in Denver and turn to the run game. 

Goedert, he's great but it's tough to trust Wentz. I wonder if Ertz's potential return opens things up, though. Reagor- similar concern.

Edmonds, probably not going to start him even though he may have the highest ceiling here. Drake is just in the way too much. 



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1 hour ago, Silent-Trader said:

White is the safest, but I think Murray has the most upside. It depends on your needs.

I'm already starting Kamara - not sure if i want two saints RB - Murray is there mostly as a handcuff or emergency starter in a pinch. It's tough. 

My opponent has had Marvin Jones play, and I've had Washington defense, so I'm off to a good start, projected to win 171-157, as of now. He's got a good team. 

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