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Add Henry's handcuff? Who to drop? WHIR!

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12 team PPR league.  Start 1qb, 2rbs, 2wrs,1te, 1regular flex spot.  We have a short bench..  i'm in first place and closing in on a bye.  My weak spot is bench depth, as I traded most to acquire studs.  Have top handcuffs for 2 of my other stud RBs, but not Henry.  I start henry in my flex spot.  Should I grab his handcuff (foreman? Mcnichols?)?  Who do I drop if so?  


Qb-murray, taysom hill

Rb-kamara/murray, Aaron jones/Jamaal Williams, Derrick Henry

Wr-mclaurin, boyd, Pittman

Te-goedert, johnu Smith 

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My likely drop would need to be hill or Smith, I guess.  Usually I don't bother keeping backup qbs or TEs.  But murray got banged up last week and our wire is pretty bare at qb.  And goedert is good, but could take a hit when ertz comes back.   Keeping johnu around for that.

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I wouldn't drop anyone on your team for Henry's handcuff. If you absolutely have to I'd drop either a QB or TE, I don't think it's sensible to be 2 deep at WR. Goedert would be my first drop, then Hill. But again, I'd just let his handcuff stay on the wire.


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