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11-29-20 Bears @ Packers SNF Thread

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4 minutes ago, CooL said:


Uh, you didn’t realize this on draft night? You should value an elite QB more then rather than listen to the “wait on QB” mantra. 
The beauty of Rodgers is that he was pretty much widely ignored in drafts... league winner for some. 

The thing is I grabbed Stafford in the 10th, and Rodgers was still there. Didnt even notice

He ended up going in the 13th round. 

I knew I had messed up. 

But still, 6 point per touchdown pass is too much. My league has to change it to 4 or something

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I think as a Bear fan we might take Kendall Hinton at this point.

So let me see if I have this correct--If the Pack are down, Jamaal Williams is the passing back and gets all the touches. If the Pack are up, they want to save Aaron Jones for later and they give all

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1 minute ago, fingers said:

6 point passing touchdowns is a gross league setting. Should be 4

Eh, to each their own. As long as everyone is aware of league scoring settings, then you need to adjust. It puts more emphasis on making sure you have a good QB since that’s the most important position on the team. Too many leagues would have people waiting until double digits rounds to draft QBs with standard 4 point settings.

If Chris Simms knows he’s going to be on tv, then he shouldn’t lay outside for hours and get a raccoon eyes sunglasses tan.

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2 minutes ago, tomjefferson said:

This and you have no idea how to draft an offense (much less coach one)

I believe I heard they went 3 years without drafting an o lineman. They wonder why they don’t have a good QB. They can’t protect one, and they can’t  run the ball. 

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1 minute ago, Ryansm11 said:

Montgomery with 6 carries for 73 yards and has 0 touches in the 2nd half so far. 

Right? I like how they just stopped going to him. He’s averaging 12 yards a carry. Yea you were down early, but it was the 1st half. There’s no excuse from going away from him.

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