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11-29-20 Bears @ Packers SNF Thread

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I think as a Bear fan we might take Kendall Hinton at this point.

So let me see if I have this correct--If the Pack are down, Jamaal Williams is the passing back and gets all the touches. If the Pack are up, they want to save Aaron Jones for later and they give all

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Just now, affliction said:

Networks need to stop trying to milk this rivalry until the Bears become actually good 

remember when they tried to milk the colts/patriots as a rivalry during the Luck era?

That was beyond annoying

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Just now, tpat30 said:

I love how Johnson acts all tough. Sit down dude. You’re down 34-10 and if you looked for the ball, there was a small chance you get an interception there.

I thought the same thing. He'd rather showboat and act tough 

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One of the worst things about being a hockey fan is the constant milking of history every time two original six teams meet.  I'm f-ing 40 and I was still 20 years too young to remember those days.  Every Packer-Bear game has that same kind of boring nostalgia that the vast majority of the audience simply does not care about.  

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Just now, Brettg57 said:

Bears lose every remaining game right?!


They'll pull one out of their a**, maybe rally around Foles or something.  They still have Jax, Lions, and Vikings, and all of those teams can lose to just about anyone.

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Been more frustrating owning Aaron Jones lately. Feels like everyone and their mother on this team has a touchdown lately except for him. 1 TD for Jones in the last 4 weeks despite the team scoring 16 TDs on offense in that span. 

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