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What do you need Wednesday Afternoon?

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I'm hoping to keep the ball in the fairway and avoid the sand trap left on 17.

No one else on either team to get COVID so they can play the damn game.

The game not to be played; I'm up 10, opponent has Ben.  

I need the following:

  • Big Ben and Gus Edwards have to score less than Snell and Diontae Johnson + 10,5 (pretty likely with Dobbins and Ingram being back)
  • JuJu and Heyward have to outscore Chuck Clark by 25 (let's pray)
  • Marlon Humphrey to score more than 4,5 points (pretty likely with how much the ravens will be on defense)


That would put me at pole position for playoffs and an W next week is enough to secure it (don't depend on another team losing) and also the first round pick I traded for before the season would be the #2 pick and can't get worse than #3.

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Playoff hopes stand on Claypool scoring less than 18 points in standard. I really wish this game would have been played yesterday or today. The more time that goes by the less likely it is that Steelers will only need a conservative game plan to win.

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