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i took over a team in a keeper league, where we keep 4 players.


my best 5 are:

Giannis, Tatum, PG13, Gobert and Ja

im thinking of letting go of PG 13 (duplicate of Tatums stats plus load management and injury history+ I feel like I need a Point Guard,becasue I dont have a high draft pick and we will already be at 50 players off the board with keepers) and keeping Ja, am I crazy or is this THE PLAY ???


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Crazy.  Dumping George for a PG with a 40-50 ADP is not the play.  A trade seems like a much better play.  At 30, George still has plenty in the tank. 

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Could you trade PG13 and Ja for Lillard? I’d be thinking something along those lines, a two for one would be ideal for you.

And you’re punting FT% with Giannis and Gobert, are you good with that? If not you could look to move Giannis for a guy like KAT/Jokic.

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