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Need some line up help....whir

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PPR & Must win this week &/or next. Line up:

Qb: Ben. Rb: Cook & J-Rob  Te: Engram. 

Wr: A-Rob & Chark  Def: KC.  K: Koo

Flex: Montgomery & Gaskin

Bench: Gallman, Coutee, Golladay-out, MG3, 

C Samuel-bye

Go with Gaskin or Gallman? Also, do I hope that Ben plays, or pick up Mitch, Ryan, or T Hill? 6pt pass/rush TD. 

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I like your lineup the way it is except I would swap out Gallman with Gaskin. You know what you're getting with Gallma and with Gaskin coming back from IR, you can't exactly expect with 100% certainty the same production from before.  And besides, it's looking like Colt McCoy is going to start for the Giants so I can see them relying a bit more on Gallman.  Also, Tua is starting so forget Fitz.  Mitch is tempting only because he looked pretty good last game and has a great playoff schedule.  He could be a stash in case he heats up down the stretch.


Help with mine?  


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Thanks for the help with mine earlier. I would play Gallman instead of Gaskin and Trubisky against the Lions. I think any offensive player against the Lions right now is a solid fantasy bet (even with Montgomery playing for you too). Gallman has shown a decent steady floor since taking over the lead role.

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Think I'd go with Gaskin. He's had enough time off to be fully healthy. CIN sucks. Tua back means he might get a bunch of dump offs. No other RB ins that group to take touches away. Ben would be my guy over those options even if dinged up. Help me?


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