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Down 70 and need a Hail Mary! WHIR!!

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I’m in the first round of the playoffs and the matchups are 2 weeks long.  Thanks to Will Fuller and Antonio Gibson going off for my opponent and Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins putting up their worst weeks, I’m down 70 points and I need upside.


Unfortunately, Murray and Hopkins face the Rams and Jalen Ramsey, seriously limiting their ceilings for big games.  I need some help!!


Scoring in this league is as follows - 

10 points for all TDs

10 pt bonus for +300/100 yds passing/rec/rush

1 point per reception 


I have the following decisions -


QB - 

Kyler Murray v LAR

Mitchell Trubisky v DET (he has been HOF in his career v Lions)

RB (pick 2)

Kareem Hunt @ TEN

Jonathan Taylor @ HOU

Devontae Booker @ NYJ


WR (pick 2)

DK Metcalf (I’m starting him)

Deandre Hopkins (shadowed by Jalen Ramsey)

Juju Smith Schuster v WAS (WAS has been really good v WR and he’s got D Johnson and Claypool to compete with)

TY Hilton @ HOU - I know....he’s been bad this year...but look at his career vs Texans and they are down their best CB.


Flex - one of the above


Remember, I need to make up a 70 point gap...so playing it safe is out of the question.  I know conventional wisdom is play your studs....but is it realistic to think Murray’s shoulder is fine and he’ll rebound versus the best pass defense?  

Also, Hopkins has faced Ramsey 7 times in his career and Ramsey has gotten better of him 4 times.  Hopkins best line was 6-100-0...that won’t win me this week.


I’m leaning 

QB - Trubisky

RB- Hunt

RB - Taylor

WR - Metcalf

WR - Hilton

Flex - D Booker


Am I crazy?  Lol.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!!  WHIR!!

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Definitely feel for you man... 


I would go with Taylor and Booker at RB.  Both provide the most upside IMO.  Hunt is limited with Chubb's presence and Taylor and Booker are set up to have nice games with their matchups.  Booker has the backfield to himself, as well.

As for WR, I would stick with Metcalf and Hopkins (you can't bench Deandre) and for flex I think I would go with Juju.  I know Washingotn is good against the pass, but that may help with Juju.  They will be more focused on Dionte and Chase (they don't want to give up the big play) and that may open things up a bit more for Juju.  The fact that it's full point PPR also helps Juju's case.

Definitely stick with Kyler as he provides the most upside.


Good luck!

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I would go the following:

QB - Murray

RB - Hunt

RB - Taylor


WR - Hopkins

Flex - Booker


I know its not the best matchups, but these guys are the ones who will give you the best chance to boom!!! I wouldn't be putting my money on Trubisky or TY to save me. Plus Murray can run and maybe get a rushing TD too.


Help me!


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