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New 12-Team ESPN Auction Keeper (Keep 3) Roto, $200, LeagueSafe

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Excited to start a Brand New Keeper League (I run a similar football one...and Auctions, with just a few Keepers, are awesome!)

Yearly Entry Fee: $200
ESPN with Payments thru LeagueSafe with majority approval
Prize Structure (12 Team League w/Full Payouts)
1st = $1200
2nd = $600
3rd = $375
4th = $225 

DRAFT = Sat, Dec 19 at 8:00pm CT

Roto Scoring System - 8 Categories (PTS, STL, BLK, AST, REB, 3PM, FT%, FG%) 
- 10 Player Starting Lineup: 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, 1 Center, 3 Utility
- Bench consists of 4 players and 3 Injured Reserve Slots
Daily Lineup Lock with No Maximum games played per season
FAAB w/$0 bids allowed

Keeper Details 
Each team can keep up to 3 players each year 
- a plus $5 is added to previous year's auction value
- can only keep a player for 2 additional seasons after the season they were drafted in
- Example: draft  "Player X" this year (2020-21) for $33, can keep him if you wish in 2021-22 for $38, and keep him in 2022-23 for $43 and then would be back in the Auction Pool in 2023-24
- Players keep their auction value status if traded, but still must become Auction Eligible after 3 seasons of "any-team" control. (No additional +$5 years for the new team if traded)

***Message me on here with email address for an invite or with questions

***Or drop a comment below with your email




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