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Facundo Campazzo 2020-2021 Outlook

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1 hour ago, indigorivers said:

I feel terrible for Jokic

I mean he's making tens of millions of dollars a year, is famous, and is probably plowing six different Serbian models a week.  I don't feel too bad for him.

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16 minutes ago, jowell77 said:

I would think that I'm one of the many morons out there who picked Dozier instead of this guy.

Note to self: always pick the more experienced player.

lolll ironically my opponent picked up dozier, and i picked up camp solely because i needed someone with a B2B but i had a gut feel today could be the day he puts it all together. WOWEE

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On 12/7/2020 at 12:05 PM, L3onD said:

sure as hell wouldn’t choose the nuggets if they havent promised him a role right away, he’s not 22, he’s 29 and in his prime ready to play at any level at this point of his career... btw im from europe and watch a lot of euroleague games...morris is good but campazo is much better, he won’t have a problem adjusting to the speed of the game since he pretty much plays at a pace much similar to am average nba offense pace

ps another guy i hope comes over after this season is vasilije micic (thunder have his rights)...hope he doesnt make a mistake coming over older as teodosic did...he has, what i call, an american style of play, flashy as hell, can iso anyone he wants but has that euro feel that people now finally understand after luka’s dominating two seasons in the league

vasa coming over next season, already signed with OKC

facu playing better and better, it sucks he only got this opportunity after all those injuries but i know hes gonna rock out and solidify himself in the rotation after this stretch (whenever they drop outta playoffs)

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