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Colin Sexton 2020-2021 Outlook

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Hasn’t missed a beat.  I don’t think this dude’s a sell high, more like a budding star in the league that’s stuck in a small market and not getting enough recognition. 

This man is now the proud father of three.

With the updated rankings we have no choice but to target him in the 7-8th round (DAMNIT). I still see some value in that though so it's ok. I mean i'd rather do that then waste a 2nd or 3rd round pic

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Gotta wonder if CLE saw after that UTAH game that they had a back-to-back with WAS, knowing that it was going to get canceled, and ultimately decided that giving him an extra week to get back to 100% was the best course of action.

Regardless, happy to see him back.

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So that is two different legit reporters telling us some news, as much as five hours ago.

Why is Rotoworld not reporting it as news?  

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2 minutes ago, overtime2000 said:

he blocked KD hahaha

Was that a block or a steal or a who gives a sh!t kid just stopped freakin KD who had a clear path!!!! Damnnn that looked good.

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