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12-7-20 Bills @ Niners MNF

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From one thread to another

McLaurin/Snell/Deebo/Stillers D  ...

Molly Ringwald has better burst than Benny Snell. 

1 minute ago, hoppychokes said:

Playing for the field goal is so gutless, especially when Allen and the whole offense is just humming.


Burned time early with the dumb run.  Then derped with the extra TO.  Then suddenly realized the offense can move the ball but ran out of time and had to settle for a FG. Oh, we can move the ball?   Who knew?

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9 minutes ago, Jordan23 said:

Allens really good..i remember when all the analysts were trashing the pick when it happened



Allen has the 2nd most trade value of any player in the NFL factoring in Age, Contract, Talent, Trajectory

Top 3 NFL players with the most trade value

1) Mahomes

2) Allen

3) Wilson



MVPs and Lombardi's are in JA's future. Dude is just a freak.

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Anybody else wait all weekend for Scary Terry and Mostert a la Linus in the pumpkin patch?


It is both cruel and unusual punishment for my fantasy season to end during a lockdown!!!  


P.S. I bet DraftKings goes nuts over the next 2 weeks

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2 minutes ago, Andy Mick said:

Cole Beastly almost has me wishing I had him instead of Diggs smh


It is crazy.  They were giving him a clean release and around an 8 yard cushion on plays.  If you can't jam that smurf, you shouldn't be in the NFL.  Then he finds a hole in the zone, runs a great route, and catches everything thrown his way.

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