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Unique 16 team Keeper League on Fantrax ($60)

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Hi Guys,

This is the reboot of a league that first started in 2006. We have tweaked the rules a bit and 10 of us are looking for 6 new league members to create a new fantastic league that will hopefully be around another 15 years or longer. 

The league has 16 teams, a $100 million salary cap, a 40 man MLB roster, and a 30 man minor league system. We will be using a modified Ottoneu points scoring system. It's basically a system where points are assigned for events like doubles and walks in accordance with how much they contribute to scoring runs in real baseball. FanGraphs has leagues using this system. The only "artificial" categories are saves and holds for relief pitchers to add value to pitching in high leverage situations. Each season there will be a regular competition with the most points winning (top 4 pay) and also a separate single elimination tournament with the winner and runner-up getting paid. 

MLB players are acquired through a slow message board auction where you bid a yearly salary and number of years. (from 1 to 5) Minor leaguers are acquired through a 30 round draft using the Fantrax draft software. There is also an arbitration system where players drafted in the minor league draft can be kept for a number of years before being exposed to the auction. So it's a keeper league and not a dynasty league. Players can be controlled for a number of years, but you don't keep them forever. We use a $100 million salary cap rather than the traditional $260 cap. Rookies that are drafted have an initial $300k salary for 3 years and then go to arbitration.

I have a very detailed constitution for those that are interested in knowing more about how the league works and the specific rules in more detail. It sounds a bit complicated, but us "veterans" will be around to help explain everything. I've been in many different leagues and the combination of a great set of rules and a great bunch of guys makes this league by far the best I've ever been in. We had a 15 year run and now we are in effect starting over with almost half of the league being made up of new recruits. You'd be getting in on the ground floor of something really special.

I just want to stress that this is a league that requires a fair amount of time and effort. There are twice weekly lineup settings (Mondays and Fridays), but there is also a lot of trade discussion and very active forums on the platform Slack where we discuss the league as well as other sports, films, TV shows, etc. Some participation in those forums as well as being an active trader are core components of being a league member. So if you have a busy life and don't have at least a bit of time every day to run your team and interact with others in the league, please don't join. We realize that real life always takes precedence, but ideally you have some free time to fully commit to the league. 

The commish (Stewart) has asked me to post this ad. I will post my email for our initial contact and after that I will pass prospective owners on to him for an informal vetting process. If interested please email me (Greg) at gregjp99@gmail.com. In your email please give me your first and last names, your age, and tell me a little bit about yourself and also a brief history of your fantasy baseball experience. 


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