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Kyrie Irving 2020-2021 Outlook

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He is going at #24.9 on Yahoo ADP. Has he fallen too far? That is 3RD round.

He had surgery for shoulder bursitis in March, with a 6 month timetable. 

I know he is a head case, but those stats though....

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I'm literally laughing... this guy's birthday is TOMORROW! he's partying this week and told nets he got a family matter hahaha. kyrie don't even care anymore you almost gotta respect the boldness. 

I dont understand how his simple azz is the only one sitting out for this when LeBron James and other ACTUAL superstars are playing. Acting like anyone gives a rats azz about him sitting out games. Th

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I don't think he is DND, if he is still available at the third round. Already many coaches have hinted they give less playing time to their stars at first weeks. It doesn't meam necessarily DNP-Rest, but just under 30 minutes playing time. Finally it could turn out that Irving could be even in better situation. Very hard is to predict what will happen and though drafting Irving could be worth of risk.

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2 hours ago, Football Enthusiast said:

Is handcuffing a thing in fantasy basketball? If you grab Dinwiddie too, is that a viable strategy? As my username might suggest, these aren’t rhetorical questions.

Handcuffing is not really a thing because a handcuffed player may only get 30-40 percent more opportunity if the guy in front of him gets hurt and likely won't have the same skillet. Plus it's many times a daily league which maximizes minutes from players.


But if you wanna grab Dinwiddie he's likely to generate late round value on his own, and if there's a player to handcuff it's Kyrie. Better yet just don't draft Kyrie



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call me crazy but I actually think Kyrie is undervalued.  I think last year he didn't have reason to really play with KD on the shelf.  So when he got hurt he took his time with it and then ultimately chose to end the season.  

This year, the team is trying to make a splash, nash / dantoni as coaches, I think he's gonna have a rebound.  His per game is top 10 so getting him around 20 is a gonna be a steal.

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On 12/8/2020 at 6:31 PM, RAGINGROOSTER said:

He is a surgery away from another surgery. Best ability is availability and this clown ain't it.

Supremely talented but a head case. You never know when he will start pouting and then a mystery injury appears and he misses a bunch of games.

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