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Kyrie Irving 2020-2021 Outlook

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1 hour ago, megaplayboy said:

So entertaining to watch and own, but definitely on my DND list next season, don't care how talented he is, I know he is already gonna miss playoff games this season eventually but availability and will to play when healthy are such important things I look for. 

Well said. These random DNPs are so damn annoying. IMO the biggest takeaway this year is harden should go #1 year in year out. So durable and loves his counting stats (whether he admits it or not). Very jealous of harden owners.

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I have 1st place cash on the line and this f---er decides to leave now....... I cant complain after so many good games in a row but I thought we were over this already. Sigh. Replaced the f**ker with Monk.....

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He really needs a week off for whats clearly birthday party? Man come on. I was about to trade for him in another league too. Now idk if i should bother but I really need those numbers

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Minneapolis shooting. He’s probably out for a week at least imo.

Eh, hopefully he’s back by next week for my playoffs. But he’s already been spectacular this season. Guy’s ranked #16 in 9-cat in total value despite multiple personal leaves and easily beat where I drafted him (late 3rd round). Just need him back next week.

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