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Looking for 3 more to round out a 10 team, 4 keeper league (you can keep up to 4), auction draft ($200 starting budget minus keeper prices), H2H most categories. Buy in is usually $25 but with COVID ongoing, this season will be free. Draft date is Thursday, December 17 at 7:30 PM ET. Prices next to the players is what they would cost THIS year if kept. 


Due to COVID and this season being free, I will not be applying inflation to players kept this season but beginning 2021-2022 season inflation will resume as follows:


1st year kept - player maintains draft day price

2nd year kept - player maintains draft day price

3rd year kept - draft day price + $5

4th year kept - 3rd year keeper price + $10

5th year kept - 4th year keeper price + $20

6th year kept - 5th year keeper price + $40


Categories: FG%, FT%, PTS, AST, REB, BLK, 3PM, STL, TO


Roster size is 14, but these are the players left on the 3 teams available:


Team 1

Karl Anthony Towns-$20 (kept 3x)

Jrue Holiday-$24

Kevin Love-$9

Aaron Gordon-$2

Caris LaVert-$1

DeVonte Graham-$1

Kendrick Nunn-$1


Team 2

Kawhi Leonard-$23 (kept 4x)

Kristaps Porzingis-$6 (kept 3x)

Josh Richardson-$1

Robert Covington-$25

Mikal Bridges-$1

TJ McConnell-$1


Team 3

Kevin Durant-$5

Nikola Vucevic-$20 (kept once)

Malcom Brogdon-$8

Jonas Valanciunas-$24

Jonathan Isaac-$5

Derrick White-$1

Jerami Grant-$1

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