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What do you need Tuesday Night?

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47 from Tucker.  Am liking my chances.

If he kicks 10- 50+ yard field goals you should have it in the bag.

C'mon Baltimore DST, outscore Tucker by 11.  You can do it.  

If Tucker scores less than 9 points then I win the season points race and a cool $700. I am very much on edge contemplating every crap start I made this year and mulling over Deshaun's botched snap at the 2, Ridley's semi-dropped ball in the end zone, Akers getting stuffed 12 times at the goal line and Lutz missing a 40 yarder. If any one of those would've hit and I'm in a much nicer spot. 

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32 minutes ago, centerfield_ballhawk said:

I need five and a half. He’s been less than stellar this year, and this is the week that he pays it back.

You would think that he's in line for a good game because as I mentioned, Andrews is out, they are playing the Dallas pass defense which is pretty bad and they are at home.  But again, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he doesn't get the points I need.  I could have started T.Y. Hilton but chose Brown instead.

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Ceedee Lamb less than 12 points. I had a pretty sizeable cushion coming out of Sunday but Scary Terry let me down for the first time this year.

Coin flip that will depend on whether he catches a TD.

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1 hour ago, cnewbykkn said:

1ppr pt from Schultz to make the playoffs. Tied right now.

I just heard that Schultz will be out and all of the starting te replacements on your waiver wire have been picked up.....j/k.

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