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What do you need Tuesday Night?

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47 from Tucker.  Am liking my chances.

If he kicks 10- 50+ yard field goals you should have it in the bag.

C'mon Baltimore DST, outscore Tucker by 11.  You can do it.  

2 minutes ago, Members_Only_76 said:

Zeke and Dobbins to combine for 200 yards and 3 TD.


Easy peasy.

It... it could happen. You basically need two TD plunges from Zeke and one huge play from Dobbins. I put it at about 3% chance. 

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Have a 4.4 lead facing Hollywood Brown in standard scoring.

already clinched playoffs in this league but if I win I’m keeping this guy out of playoffs who has one of the better rosters in the league.

so let’s run it all day long Ravens

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Going to have a tasty beverage

Surround myself with my loved ones

Watch a little of the game while the 4-6 ranked teams fight for seeding

Go to bed early with my wife

Rest easy knowing I locked up the #1 seed, best record and most points scored this season

Get back to work preparing for Week 15 tomorrow

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2 hours ago, young dude said:

“I need a time machine to go back to the past and change some outcomes.”

Or a league manager you can “persuade” to go in and tinker a bit! ... You um, looking to join a new league? :) 

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Don't need anything as my results are already locked up in both leagues, but would love to see JKD do good things against the Cowboys cuz it would be fun to see and would give me extra hope for next year in dynasty.

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League one- Dobbins outscores Lamar by 5........and also gets at least 25 overall to outpoint the team I'm tied with for the last spot

League two-  Under 57 from Zeke and Lamar puts me in the playoffs.   If Baltimore D also scores under 30, I get a bye.   If both of those things go against me, I actually miss the playoffs.  

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9 hours ago, sjm76 said:

You would think that he's in line for a good game because as I mentioned, Andrews is out, they are playing the Dallas pass defense which is pretty bad and they are at home.  But again, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he doesn't get the points I need.  I could have started T.Y. Hilton but chose Brown instead.

Enjoy that gift, brother.

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