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Derrick White 2020-2021 Outlook

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I've been hearing how Josh Lloyd of BBM seems to be extremely high on this guy and I did see his bubble averages (18.9ppg, 3.1 3PM, 5.0apg, 4.3rpg, 0.7spg, 0.6bpg) but I wasn't sure if this is a bubble product only or if these are doable numbers for him in the next season. What are your guys thoughts on drafting him? He seems to be going in rounds 5-6 in here but I feel like there are better breakout candidates.

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Psh, that has nothing on my league: * Mandatory weekly blood tests to ensure managers have optimal levels of electrolytes and red blood cells * Owners must pass a rigourous obstacle course (

When I die, I want Derrick White to lower me into my grave. Just so that he can let me down one last time 😭

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24 minutes ago, tazdingo said:

Dang, no input? Am I missing something here again on him?


He's ranked higher in Yahoo than I'm comfortable taking. I think he lacks upside personally. I play in a H2H points league tho so a little different but this is just how I view him.

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I think I’d rather have Dejounte at round 5-6. White will be solid but I wouldn’t take him anywhere inside top 90 now that we know he had a toe surgery. That to me is slightly concerning. Low key if you want a guard who can give you some blocks he’s a guy to look at. He’s very sneaky in that category.

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In any league with savvy owners, he'll be gone before the end of the 7th round, so wait at your own risk. He's the Spurs best player (fight me) and those bubble numbers were god damn delicious.

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3 hours ago, adithmuluk said:

Someone just dropped him in my league (12 team, H2H), wondering whether I should try to grab him with my no. 8 waiver...

Yup, 8 waiver is not that great, and while he showed nothing so far to prove that he should be drafted before 100th pick, he should still be owned.  

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Not expecting much out of it but I reached out to Yahoo Fantasy about it on Twitter.  Guess we'll see.

Also sent a message through their help pages.  Again not expecting much but hopefully it reaches somebody who cares enough to look into it.

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33 minutes ago, CharlesCC2 said:

Eh, it's something.  Hopefully this means movement before the start of the season.



lol for a second i thought you were exchanging DM's with pop asking about Derrick's return.

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