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Derrick White 2020-2021 Outlook

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Psh, that has nothing on my league: * Mandatory weekly blood tests to ensure managers have optimal levels of electrolytes and red blood cells * Owners must pass a rigourous obstacle course (

When I die, I want Derrick White to lower me into my grave. Just so that he can let me down one last time 😭

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9 hours ago, Jackdean33 said:

Dropped this crumb for Robert Williams 

Say hi to your taco league buddies for me.

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12 minutes ago, DonutGiveUp said:

 I'm not trolling but the dude goes on his channel daily defending White who isn't what he should be 

i know lol, thats the only reason im in this thread. he's way too high on white. solid game form him today tho i guess

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Love mid game hot takes lol. Putting the fg% aside don’t know how you can not be happy with 17/4/5 with 2 blocks 2 3pm and 7/7 ft from what should be your third string pg on your roster 

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Lol this line was fine from him. Idk wtf you guys are expecting -- he has top 70ish potential this year after having a ridiculously unlucky start. Dont drop unless you have an insane 10 team league roster 

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