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$50 | 12-Team H2H 9-cat | Snake Draft [ESPN / Majority Approval through TeamStake - EU-friendly option]

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Second year redraft league looking to start a new with hopefully a better ending than last time around.

Looking for more owners, 6 out of 12 spots available at the moment.

Platform: ESPN
Draft: Snake
Date: Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th (Likely anywhere between 12PM - 4PM ET)

Payments through TeamStake, which is similar to LeagueSafe but more EU and international friendly. Deposits and withdrawals can be made through PayPal/card. Payout through majority approval. It worked without a hitch for our first run last year. Read more here: https://teamstake.com/home/faq_detail/4

2nd: $150
3rd: $50

Additional info:
Head-to-head each category, 9-cat
Daily line-ups
Single division, 8 teams make the playoffs (three total rounds)
FA system will be budget-based daily bidding instead of traditional waiver order ($0 bids allowed)

PM/Comment for invite or with further questions.


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