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Cole Kmet 2020 Outlook

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26 minutes ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

Why would you start Kmet if Julio is out? I'm confused..

if you look at the games that Julio has missed. Those are Hurst's worst production games. Julio demands defensive attention. When Julio is out. Hurst usually stays in to block

Weeks 3 (1 for 1 yard), 5 (2 for 8 yards), 12(4 for 48), 14 (1 for 7).


I'm not looking at TDs cause those are generally unpredictable, and Hurst only has 3 on the season, so I think it's safe to say the don't look at him close to the goal line


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I drafted Kittle or Kelce in all three of my leagues because I’ve proven beyond any doubt, that I’m completely incapable of navigating the TE landscape successfully. :) Kmet’s a local prospect, which can often lend itself. Watching some of his college tape he appears a bit lanky but he now looks like he’s filled out. Has NFL bloodlines, although his profile at NFL draft tracker doesn’t suggest an exceptional trait or intangible. The material I have, they like him a lot. He projects as a TE that can perform at a high level as both a blocker & receiver. 

I have shares of Montgomery & the Bears defense, but I’ve been sweating the ineptitude of the offense. Every week the defense was playing the whole game & they were falling out of contention. But they made the switch back to Trubisky & this past week it all came all together. Coupled with losses by Minnesota & SF, the Bears are back in control of their own destiny. They seem to be trending in the right direction whereas Atlanta isn’t. 

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6'6", 37 in vertical, giant ball-engulfing hands, big 270 lb body = potential goalline monster next season. This is the sort of guy that should separate well and also win a ton of jumpballs. Will be interested to see if the hype machine gets going if he has a strong finish. At the end of the day if the Bears don't overhaul their offense he still has a big hurdle to overcome to become a set and forget kind of TE.

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