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Caris Levert 2020-2021 Outlook

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Kevin Bowen, the ESPN local radio reporter who covers the Pacers, thinks this is the timeline: LeVert is doing some shooting in practice right now and the hope is he can get integrated into full

Played 1 year with Irving Developed a tumour

Absolutely zero chance Caris plays off the bench. TJ, lamb and holiday will be losing most of their value here. Levert will effectively just take over oladipo's role 

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This is why I drafted Caris. For nights like these. BOTH Kyrie AND Durant out. In addition, Dinwiddie out as well.

Caris should be a USAGE RATE MONSTER tonight.

I'm calling for a 30-6-6 line by nights end for Caris.

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10 hours ago, BallAnd1 said:

How we feeling about LaVert with dinwiddie out? Was a huge 140 point close game and caris still only got 25 mins but produced decent but not amazing for such a high scoring game. 

My guess would be 25 minutes, 12-14 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists 1.steal and .4 blocks and brutal FG% might be a reasonable expectation when KD and Kyrie are playing.


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3 minutes ago, Brandayz said:

What a disappointment he has been after Dinwiddie went down (excluding the game without Durant & Irving) 

I had him last year. He was great when ever Kyrie was out of the game. I thought it would be even worse with KD in the lineup too. 

I thought he might flourish if he was the 6th man and ran the second unit.  But I still stayed away this year.

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54 minutes ago, Brandayz said:

Sooo is this guy a drop in 10 teamers or are you guys still High on him ROS?


He is what he is for fantasy. Def a better IRL player.  I'd expect him to be like 80-100 ROS.  If someone gets hurt it might actually hurt his value as he'll be chucking even more and hurt percentages and TO.

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41 minutes ago, bballshinobi said:

Caris shines when kyrie is out. KD doesn’t hog the ball


Let's hope the FG% doesn't take a nuclear hit. Would love to start the week right with my percentages. 

Although peripheral stats should all get a boost. 

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Exact reason why I picked Caris after Pick 100 this year.

It was a foregone conclusion that Kyrie and KD would miss games due to health, back-to-backs or just plain stupidity.

Top-60 in 9-cat, should have no problem holding Top-80 value the entire season.

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