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WELP - Playoff Roster Changes - 💯 WHIR

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Going to be the 5 seed. Full PPR. Need WR and possible defense. 

WR core is very weak. Do I add Beasley or Hilton or play Antonio Brown or wait and see what happens with Golladay? 

If the answer is AB or Golladay do I bench Steelers D for Seattle or another? 

I would be dropping Perriman for either another D or WR. 

I could also drop a RB if needed. 



Terry McLaurin 

Antonio Brown 




M Sanders 

D Montgomery 



Jonathan Taylor 

Dallas Goedert 

Mark Andrews 

Pittsburg - D 


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8 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Play AB & Keep the rest as is 

You have confidence in Pitts D with all their injuries and now facing Buffalo? 

I was just looking and the team I am facing is streaming D's. Right now he has GB vs DET. I am second on waiver wire. I bet he is planning on getting Seattle. So if nothing else I can use my claim position and hurt him. 


Thanks for the help! You ARE THE ASSISTANT COACH in these forums.  👍

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I'm a Steelers fan, and I would be a little nervous about their banged up defense going against Buffalo.

That said, I do try to play defenses playing in poor weather conditions so if it ends up being snowy/rainy/windy, they could be a good option.

Beasley could be a good add after he just lit up the 49ers, but again, not so much if the weather is bad.

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Buffalo handled a decent San Francisco defense quite easily on Monday.  While AB would be my first choice, Beasley would easily be my second in this situation.  Particularly because the initial word on Golladay being able to play on Sunday isn't good.

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4 hours ago, VonTiesel said:

AB and I’d go Seattle  


thanks for the help with mine 

I agree with this as well. I like Beasley more than AB, but I like Seattle's D this week over Pitt more...especially if it blocks your opponent from using Seattle against you.

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Beasley.  In my PPR, he's #21 YTD, and has been hovering in that spot all season, so it's not just because of last week.  That makes him a WR2 in most leagues.  He should be owned.

 Return the favor?


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